Mortalium was formed in spring 2009 as a result of former cooperation of Yaroslav (Knell) - keys, Maria (Manetta) - vocals and Sergey (Navi) - bass. These three started their work on the available draft material and simultaneously launched a search of missing participants for the band. After some unsuccessful auditions the band made a decision to temporarily pass the guitar duties to Maria but went on searching for a guitar player at the same time. Meanwhile, the band realized they were facing a necessity to supplement feminine vocals with a more harsh male timbre, therefore, Yaroslav began to perform extreme vocal parts.

The complete line up was approved in August 2009 and the same year in November the band played their first gigs. Gaining speed the band celebrated their first anniversary with the internet release of EP “On the Broken Wings”, recorded at the Deviant Studio. Official release of the EP took place later, in January 2011 at Siore Immelstorn Records in St. Petersburg.

EP was followed by recording of the debut long play album. “A Gap between Birth and Death” became an experiment of supplementing the gothic doom foundation with elements of death, folk and progressive metal. Long but productive work on the album was completed in spring 2012. The album went out at Metal Renaissance Records in Moscow on April 3, 2013. Later same year the first official video “Lullaby” was released.

In summer 2013 Vadym (Moonsalvate) – guitars and Daniil (Dani Elle) – drums left the band but after a thorough casting Aleksey (Wiking) Lukashov was approved for guitars and Aleksey (AlexBlacker) Silenko - for drums. The second long-play album was finished in autumn 2014.

The band has played over 80 gigs so far both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad including two tours. In 2012 as a support to the album release the “Lullaby of Birth and Death Tour” covered 8 cities of Eastern Ukraine and Russia. In 2014 the band broadened its concert geography to the west with the “On Both Sides of the Grave Tour” that covered cities of Western Ukraine, Czech Republic and Poland.

The band is a regular visitor of festivals of various levels including being a participant to such international festivals as “Frames Motion Fest” (Moscow, Russia in 2011), “Spellbound Fest” (Moscow, Russia in 2012) and “Metal Crowd Fest” (Rechitsa, Belarus in 2011 and 2014). Mortalium is already announced for the 2015 Agressive music fest (Pohoří, Czech Republic).