Alexey (Wiking)

Aleksei (Wiking) was born in a small town in the central part of Ukraine which is, nevertheless, well-known among heavy music fans for its active local metal movement and regular rock-festivals. Frequent gatherings with friends and singing songs to the guitar in the evenings after work at the chocolate factory lighted Aleksei’s interest to music – he, first, learned to play accordion and then went on to master the classical guitar. Getting strongly involved into the metal music Aleksei finally purchased his personal electric guitar. Later, after he moved to the megapolis and having acquired a reputation of a promising guitarist in the local metal circles, he was introduced to Mortalium.

Guitar B.C.Rich Dark Arts Warlock. Body: Agathis. Neck: Rosewood. Frets: 24.
Strings: Elixir (10-52). I use 1.38 мм Dunlop Jazz III XL mediators