Поездка в Чернигов 1 февраля 2014

Концерт в Чернигове был для нас во многом знаменательным событием. Во-первых, мы ехали туда впервые, во-вторых, это был первый выездной концерт для нас в новом составе, и, в-третьих, мы впервые опробовали наш новый имидж.


Our new drummer

We are glad to introduce to all of you our new drummer Aleksei Silenko.
Our line-up is finally completed and we are now in process of rehearsing the old material, forming a good solid team with the newcomers and preparing new compositions to treat you all to something completely fresh! New gigs with new songs performed by the new cast - all that is taking place quite soon! Be ready to slam and mosh! \m/






Femme Metal Webzine interview with our vocalist Maria

Some more news from Femme Metal Webzine and our band - check out an interview with our vocalist Maria! Have some nice moments of reading! Enjoy, share, stay with us!


"Mortalium is a Gothic Doom Metal band from Kharkiv in Ukraine. However, don’t let the the phrase “Gothic Doom Metal” fool you into thinking that you know more or less what they will sound like before listening to them – they are much more than that, and they are much more diverse than that. Mortalium is a band that have, in their very few years of existence, carved out a corner of the genre that belongs to them and to them alone."


Read more - http://www.femmemetalwebzine.net/2013/10/11/maria-nosyk-mortalium/


Our new guitarist

Autumn has greeted us with some line up accomplishments and so we are glad to introduce our new guitarist - Aleksey Lukashov.










Lineup changes

Our band has faced some changes - Daniil Gaivoronski (drums) and Vadym Fesenko (guitar) left Mortalium. Despite this fact we are moving forward and continue our activity. We sincerely hope to treat you all to new gigs and new material in the near future.