The first review of album "A Gap between Birth and Death"

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"Lullaby of Birth and Death" tour diary . Part 2

The second stage of "A Gap between Birth and Death" Tour is already a part of our band’s biography. Expectation of the gig in Kryvoy Rog was somewhat stirring but the result turned out to be just explosive...

All the previous working week we were in a stew looking forward to go on with our marathon. The start was, however, as usually slow – coffee, cigarettes, ramming belongings in the boot drawing attention of the traffic police, fixing the seat with the wrench borrowed from a taxi driver snoring nearby, leaving drum sticks at home and rushing to a music store for the new ones... and then out, out of the city, to the fields... to poppies – it’s amazing!
We arrived to Kryvoy Rog just in time for the sound check which by the way went on particularly smoothly and promptly – no faults could be expressed with the sound. Then, in the best tradition of Segey (Thomas) Tolmachov’s management, the visiting bands were invited to a home-prepared dinner! This feature seems to have grown into Sergey’s long-year cordial family tradition from which Metelica concert agency benefits a lot. And a full musician is certainly a successful musician))

The gig began with a short delay but as Kryvoy Rog has a significant peculiarity of 120 kilometres long, and charter mini vans do not run 24 hours a day, the concert time limits were met particularly strictly and again with the well-arranged management everything went just smoothly!

The active, friendly and responsive audience in Kryvoy Rog was already rocking like hell when it was our time to get on stage. Using the 10-minute break between the bands’ performances to catch a smoke and take a breath, the crowd went back into the hall on hearing the first sounds of the guitars ready to perceive, rock and enjoy. Here, just for Ukrainian sound managers to note, we want to stress that the sound had not changed even a little since the sound check! And the result, of course, was fantastic as playing was easy, smooth and comfortable and with the audience emitting so much energy we couldn’t but give back at 100%! Both recorded and new material was accepted totally positively. By the middle of our performance the boarder between the stage and the audience was completely destroyed – everything and everybody were just moving altogether! We practically rattled off our program… The video from the gig is coming soon so you’ll be able to witness everything yourself:)

But the performance itself was just a miserable part of the whole evening – after we went off the stage we spent a long and enjoyable evening communicating with the audience – making photos, simply chatting. Nice guys were expressing a vivid interest in band’s day-today life and our working process, which we face quite seldom. We also altogether went to see a firework due to the City Day which unexpectedly fell on that same day and, to speak the truth, our native Kharkov has never seen such long and great fireworks – ears and necks hurted by the end of it)

We hurried home next day hunted by the thought that we had to play in the final of the series of selective concerts for a Polish rock festival “Roca Noca” that’s why we had no time for the photosession with poppies in the fields of Dniepropetrovsk. We haven’t won in the final but that is not what matters – we met our friends, we played with pleasure – should we expect more?.. Friday, where are you, we are ready to get on the road to Dniepropetrovsk and Belgorod -!!

Report about our presentation in Kiev on Metal Street News

Харьковская gothic-doom группа Mortalium презентовала в Киеве в рамках Lullaby of Birth and Death Tour свой первый полноформатный альбом, который носит название “A Gap between Birth and Death”.

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"Lullaby of Birth and Death" tour diary . Part 1

3 days on the road, playing gigs and just going crazy and playing fools slipped like one! Looking back and gathering the remnants of consciousness and sanity we want to hug everybody who were sincerely supporting us at those gigs. The atmosphere at the performances was extremely warm, cozy and incredibly friendly. Not numerous audience in Kyiv was fixed on the performace. Staying close and tight by the stage they were willingly reacting to music, gestures and calls - coomunication with the audience was easy and pleasant. We met not only our pals but also those whom we only had known through internet and made new acquiantances. Definitely with every visit to Kyiv the connection with this city is becoming tighter and tighter!

Svetlovodsk met us with the traditional openness and extreme hospitability. Both old friends and new listeners came to spend the evening in a tight circle of live music fans. The peculiarity of this place lies in that no matter how much you play, you will be forced to practically "turn out your pockets" and show all you have gained by work including all covers, well-forgotten old material and a new raw material - all that was duly performed at the insistent claims "We want more"!))

Kremenchug... It is not necessary to share how much we had been expecting this gig, probably, even more than the audience themselves! Our favourite hall, favourite atmosphere and favourite people! All that was present to the full extent! To give all you have completely at such concerts is a natural need of a perfomer. As a result - everybody were performing tribal dance at the dance floor - there has never been such a round dance in Zebra Club before!

Return to the working days was hard and sad but this is not the end - in just 2 days we will be moving forward, this time to the yet unknown to us Madison Club in Krivoy Rog -,
where we will be waiting for everybody who want to listen to the great doom music and spend an underground evening!
Finally, we would like to share some discoveries of ours.
We finally got convinced that an ordinary 5-seat Daewoo is definitely one-size-fits-all kind of car if you are smart enough to make it so. We learned to play tetris with our belongings and instruments, conduct fluent and meaningful dialogues with a GPS navigator, sleep in a log position and turn in the sleep strictly on command.

We have thousands of kilometers and numerous boarders, dozens of hours of music and hundreds of faces ahead. We are glad to be with you and for you. We are waiting for you at our gigs in:
Krivoy Rog -
Dnepropetrovsk -
Belgorod -
Stay Metal \m/
Yours Mortalium

Our first LP "A Gap between Birth and Death" out now!

Finally it happened!

Today, on April 3, 2013 Metal Renaissance ( released our first full length album "A Gap between Birth and Death".
We would like to thank Artem Kornilovsky for mixing and Sergei Maksymenko for the wonderful cover art.
If you want to buy our CD, please contact us by email: Also CDs are available directly from the label -